I finally built my own neural network model.
I did start this journey a long time ago. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago. My first ("undefined") rant :) was about it.

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    Before someone asks for it...
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    Oo. Looks like textgenrnn, or tensorflow / keras.
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    it's so cool how i already had your first rant ++'ed. good job bro
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    @ewpratten it is keras. Keras is using tensorflow as backend in this case. I am thinking about testing out Theano as backend.
    About this textgenrnn thingy... I have it somewhere and the file tab to the left is lstm_text_generation.py. Found it on github/keras/examples. It is hard to understand, but I am almost done understanding it.
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    @calmyourtities thanks and thanks, bro.
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    @Floydian thanks, but I know that I know little about it. There is so much more to learn.
    Btw. finally a friendly face from almost forgotten times. How are you doing? :)
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    For those of you who do not understand the magic of machine learning. It is the mathematical activation functions. Learning ml also means that you learn mathematics. But on a "much" (assuming that not all of you did attend a university. I am still not a student myself, either btw
    That is why it took me so long to grasp it.) higher level than you used to learn it before.
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    Looks good! Have you tried using a ReLu activation function? I also like the choice for Adam as an optimizer ;-)
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    @Floydian @gerritman123 completely forgot about this post's comments... Sorry.

    Oh man...
    I am doing fine, bro!
    I am studying harder for my final practical and theoretical exams!
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    @Floydian thanks, bro!😁
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