Sooooo... I've felt a bit lost during my years as a student and maybe this is a nice place to finally talk about it.
I've had my first programming experiences in school (back then it was delphi, a Pascal variant), then decided after graduating I want to study computer science. I've stuck with it and will finish my masters degree in a few months. (Took me a year longer than the university plans but will likely have a very good grade)

Since i have little programming experience and never coded anything useful (mostly study projects or simple programming tasks) I've always been struggling with depressions, worries of being not good enough and never finding a job etc pp, but in the last few months it got worse since I NEED to apply for jobs now as i graduate next may. I'd really like to improve and found some "learn how to code" websites but the progress seems still slow and meaningless when I compare myself to all those guys out there:
- those comparing several hardware/software pieces casually since they know all the (dis)advantages and specs off by heart
- those who have fierce discussions about languages, libraries, runtimes etc
- those who solve the problems in coding websites with 3 lines and incredibly mathematicsl proofs for why this shortcut works (fastest)
- basically the guys who discuss so many things i've never even heard of

I just feel so lost, useless and like i missed years of learning things everybody else just obviously knows now. Is there any way to catch up? I thought about trying to join a local Chaos Computer Club but they sound like they wouldn't be fond of a noob like me.

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    Welcome to DR! I remember Delphi. That and Borland C++. And Turbo Assembler. A different era, that was.

    So, the secret is that you just step out. Look for as many opportunities as you can. There is always a need for developers, and everyone starts, well, at the beginning. You should also be able to find small, online gigs that help you to build experience and confidence.
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    There's no problem in comparing yourself to others, as long as it's not making you feel worse.

    The feeling you're going through is normal among a lot of master graduates. It's normal to see a lot of stuff happening around you and comparing yourself to others, but you should use that fear and feelings you have in a different way: use it as motivation.

    Don't feel stressed that you haven't done a lot of things that others have, or that you have less experience as a programmer.

    Use that feeling to motivate you into WANTING to do those things. The more you want, the more you can achieve.

    Everyone went through the obstacles you are seeing in front of you, you just have to see it with different eyes and just say to yourself: "I'm on my way!"

    In terms of actual practical stuff to do, keep finding good stuff online! Checkout Codecademy and Udemy to learn, Hackerrank and Codewars to challenge yourself. There's unlimited content online!

    You just have to be persistent with it
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    Please remember that everyone was a noob at first. You aren't going to get anywhere by holding yourself back because you think you're a noob. And you won't really know where you stand unless you get out there and start doing stuff. Apply for jobs, don't worry about whether you're good enough. The worst that can happen is that you'll get rejected, in that case you're already better off than if you hadn't applied because you gained a bit of experience.

    All the things you mentioned other people being good at - specs, discussions, shortcuts - these all come from experience or from reading around a lot. It's simply a matter of time once you start working.

    Also, welcome to dR and nice name, is it from a certain character in Baldur's Gate by any chance?
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    Thank you all so much, I think that helped me! :)
    I hear "oh you shouldnt worry with a degree, companies know you have no experience" as often as i hear "lol that degree is worthless without practical skills lol".
    Guess my nexz steps will be focussing on 2-3 languages and searching for junior developement positions.
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    @RememberMe Thank you! :)
    No, the username is madeup without references as I know at least one of my friends is on here and I'd like to remain anonymous.
    And because hamsters are cute.
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    I understand you perfectly. Studying is difficult
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