Facebook's algorithm is so bad that I can't believe that. In the past few days I marked ~20 posts from the same person with the same/similar content as "Hide post - see fewer posts like this". And now, not that I see fewer of these posts, they are literally throwing all such posts of that person to my feed. I know that I can unfollow this person but I don't want to. I just want to filter out these specific posts (they are all the same, some link, image of an old black and white photo and some description).

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    could you not just ban the person from your feed?
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    @erroronline1 as I said above, I could but I don't want to. It's my relative and I want to see his posts, just not these black an white history lessons posts...
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    @Gogy ah, sorry, didn't get that.
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    @erroronline1 Don't worry, I also suffer from a short attention span syndrome :D
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    I guess I once heard from my psychologist friend that when you try to not see something, that actually something that takes your attention.

    Btw I also experiencing the stuff that you said too, but on Instagram. Stuffs that I said don't want to see just become more and more prominent when I mark to see them less. What works for me is to report them as "I don't like them" and sometimes just outright block those account.
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