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    Nope, I'll do coke.
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    @metamourge excellent choice, sir. Would you like vodka with that?
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    Sure as hell I do.
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    @kenogo I wish I could favorite this.. I'm at a cafe because the stores closed sooner than I expected (because why put the hours on Google Maps, right? 🤪) and couldn't stock in my booze sufficiently. I hate being around people ._. especially given that one of those fuckwads in here fucking stinks! Like pussy fluid stank but unwashed for several days. 🤢.. 🤮
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    @M1sf3t fortunately I haven't had drunk calls like that yet, haha. Hopefully they'll stay out of my phone at least 😂
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    @kenogo happy New Year to you as well! On the topic of long-distance relationships, how do you manage it? I've tried to get into one with a South American girl at some point, but the distance and unreachability killed it fairly quickly. I still want to attempt it though, given that I can do construction and open sea imposes no more than a challenge to me (aerospace is a bit too regulated and realizing takeoff is too much of a hassle compared to seafaring anyway).

    That aside though, long-distance relationships with costs of airplane tickets in the thousands.. how do you manage it? I really couldn't 😕
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    My plans... Plus chips
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    This mene is coming around every fcking year ^^
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