A female boss I worked for, pulled an employee retention tactic that still gives me the chills.

She paid dogshit salaries to all her employees. And yelled at them enough to keep them overworked and burnt out.

When one of them tried to resign, she said "fine you can leave us but I won't be giving you any salary slips, no experience/recommendation letter and neither acknowledge that you ever worked here.
You get to leave the company when I decide for you.
You have already stayed here so long that if you decide to disappear tomorrow it will leave a gap on your resume in your next interview."

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    Literally illegal in at least the UK. They're not required to give you a reference, but they are required to confirm that you worked there. Also, get a colleague as your reference.
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    Document everything like this. Keep a log. Somebody might need help someday. It might be you.
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    Always befriend at least one colleague, you'll never know when you'll need one to become your new manager so you can get out of a place 😏
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    Doesn't matter. No one actually checks the work history anyways (if you aren't in defense or government).

    Also you have hard proof by having been paid by the company - why would wages from them show up in your bank account if you wouldn't be one of their employees...
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    @Oktokolo that's not entirely true.
    "We" check and do a full background check.

    I've been known to call a previous employer, not the current one to prevent any altercations, but one down the list.
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    Unlikeable in the U.S as employers need to report salaries and taxes etc etc etc which would mean that the person they would contact would be either your H.R and if they are in on it then the accountant for the organization.

    At this point, I would advise anyone to call said bitches a cunt and laugh it off.
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    And then they wonder why employees sell companies secrets on craiglist...
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    Let’s say we use Slack. How do I keep track of this? Can I make screenshots? Is it even legal?

    I’m not the OP, but in a similar situation.
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    @yehaaw nowadays: Just record it with your phone.
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    @C0D4 Now you know that there can be batshit crazy reasons for that verification to not succeed right at first try. Just ask for proof in such cases.
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    You dont need anything legal just. Enough to show your new potential employer. Also they pay you money every month. Bank statement verifies that there is no gap.
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    @hjk101 It could potentially work ... but in India we are required to present salary slips from previous employers... which is the only way it's accepted that you indeed worked for that company.
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    Happened to me once. I tried to get out of a company for months, and every interview failed after checking my references. My manager left the country for a month, and I used an old manager as my reference. Boom. Job.
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    Where is the company located?
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    @yehaaw Illegally obtained evidence can be used in legal cases in many countries with some caveats about proportionality. Check with a lawyer.
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    Just collect the evidence by recording her or something and let social media decide her future in business.
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    How would that even work? Even if they deny i ever worked there (which is illegal) ich have contracts, monthly salary statements etc to prove i worked there
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    Your tax statement also includes your salary. Unless the company is operating illegally and not reporting incomes (which, report them anonymously if they don't) you have tax statements including details of your salary, including where you worked.
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