I’m from Komi Republic. In Komi language (it’s entirely different from russian), “Komi airport” is видза корам коми мулöн юркарö, pronounced “vid-zah koraam komi muh-loan yur-kah-roah”.

And you said Haskell was difficult

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    I'm from Poland. Airport is lotnisko, pc mouse to mysz komputerowa and i can tell you, ZAŻÓŁĆ GĘŚLĄ JAŹŃ!
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    @mt3o лётнинское. Sounds great
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    Unfortunately Russia is entirely unknown (except for Moscow and St Petersburg) to westerners, me included. I know it's a vast region spanning across continents and several biomes, and like a dozen timezones, so there's out to be mayor stuff there I have no idea about, for instance I had no idea about this either.
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