Self taught JavaScript developer here

Is there any exams or online courses or certification I can take to make my resume more fancier ~

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    Something like JS doesn't exactly require a degree. I would say a build up a good portfolio showcasing all sorts of JS skills, from frontend development in something like React to backend in Node and several essential libraries/concepts in between (WebSockets, asynchronous stuff, immutability and functional programming, etc.)

    I'm not a web dev though, would be great if someone else with more experience corrects/extends this answer.
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    You could try freecodecamp.org, anyone into web development will be pretty impressed if you finish the whole thing, even "just" the front end part.

    Other than that, build a portfolio (fcc will help you start that).

    Maybe build a free online game? You'll even get some experience handling user requests, bug reports, etcetera.

    Edit: if you find anything interesting, please do respond to my earlier rant if you have the time. I'm looking for stuff to teach beginners.
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    Here's the story, in my beginning i had some certificates from SoloLearn, but i didn't include them in my resume because i got them overnight, and i didnt think i make any difference...

    At one specific job i thought that i'm not being interviewed by developer but a businessman, and they like a pile of colorfull papers... so i printed them out and included with resume... and guess who got the job :D

    Untill that point those certificates, diploma, or any paper had meaning, from then you're on your own...
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    Well, I am employed as a JavaScript front end developer currently... And I have a fair share of side project that I worked on due to freelancing

    It's just that it's hard to communicate that fact over the phone without some bloody certification
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    Sit the Test
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    Yes. It's the Microsoft 70-480 exam, programming in HTML5 with JS & CSS3.

    You should be able to pass the exam without any training if you are skilled and experienced enough which I assume you are.
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    @CodeMasterAlex Okay Google, remind me to check this out later
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    @RememberMe ok response without the first two lines.
    No programming language requires a degree.
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    @cannonau freecodecamp hmmmm
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