Uhh... That's cool! Someone hacked the public website for Dublin's tram system...

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    He's an idiot.
    He's not gonna get a bitcoin, but sued for 100x that.

    He literally says "I messaged you about this"
    Guess what they are gonna check now.

    Anyway, I am fucking torn on this since he's a gray hat. He has good intentions, but also bad ones.

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    @beggarboy the 1BTC is just like a lesson... If he wanted he could have earned loads... Selling off the account details on the deep web itself would be a great income... The officials don't understand what cyber security is... They should atleast relay the details! Hackerman😎 I just wish he gets away with this.
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    @saurabh000345 i mean 3000€ isnt much for a company like that, but its still 3k

    but yeah i feel like he is not a bad dude
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    @beggarboy he could’ve emailed them using a throwaway address
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    @620hun he is a talented guy... He couldn't have settled for anything lesser than that... Besides these officials need a strict lesson... And need to see that cybersecurity issues aren't meant to be taken lightly.
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    @saurabh000345 I kind of suspect you being that guy.
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    @M1sf3t I pray that they don't catch him... But even if they do, the people and customers aren't going to respond positively to it. Because they are taking the services from an insecure channel.
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    @beggarboy gray/white hats nowadays do report with fake emails made only to communicate in an anonymous way the security issues, so it's not gonna help to find him through an email
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    @M1sf3t yeah you are right... Hope that it goes on well with that guy...
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    Jokes on him, btc is worth shit nowadays
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    @zemaitis I’ll happily free you from it
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    @620hun yeah.. I'll partake in this too😂😂
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    @620hun they dont pay you enough in uk m8?
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    @zemaitis isn't it regulated in the UK? Like its not a fully legal tender there... I heard from someone
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    @zemaitis if BTC is worth shit then let’s not talk about GBP
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    " If he wanted he could have earned loads... Selling off the account details on the deep web itself would be a great income"

    Oh, baby. Some egocentric assholes value the attention and the ego boosting compliments for being "zomg h4x0rs!!1" more than money and other riches. That guy's sole intention was to be appraised, otherwise he'd have done that stuff low-key.
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    @telephantasm well you never know. You might be right... But what attention is he personally getting? What attention fo hackers have? At the end of the day all they have is a fake name on the network! Something called ethics also strike at times I feel. ( PS I ain't claiming that you're wrong)
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    @h4xx3r i know about protonmail and throwaways. but sometimes you glance over shit
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    @620hun oh crikey!
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    @saurabh000345 It's the same mentality that people who get a lot of likes on YouTube have. You ever seen that? They say stuff like "Wow, 3123120321 likes! I can't believe it, thank you guys!!!". Sure there's some communication, but they are also anonymous. I can absolutely be wrong, no doubt.
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    Open other instance... Redirect the DNS record to the new server XD
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    Hopefully the Bitcoin address is a charity
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    @saurabh000345 they will pay him to keep it quiet... Even if he gets sued, it would be nothing compared to the GDPR breach fines and the information commissioner fines which would dwarf it.
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    Not replying is one thing... not even fixing them is another one...

    Not trying to fix known securiry holes should be a legal offense...
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    This is pathetic. A hacker who was doing this for the good of society would never publish data of innocent users nonetheless threaten people with it.

    The company may be at fault for not listening, but this hacker is even more disgusting.
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    @M1sf3t Well since it's only 1BTC the data must not be very good. He/she knows asking for more would not work. Tells me this was always about the money and not the ethics.

    If it were me, I wouldn't threaten leaking data at all. I may put some really embarrassing videos like porn on the front page though. Sends the same message without harming people.
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