So as new user I used devrant straight for 6 hours and this happened.
Am I the only one who thinks this helpful tip should be given at 3rd upvote and not 80th?

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    Tagging @dfox, just in case
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    Hmmm, that's weird. I think it's supposed to show up around the 8th or so for the session. Did it definitely not do that?
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    Yes I am 100% sure about this, it gave me this notice after several hours of use and I checked my +1 count at that time. 80, it was.

    And also I hope you are aware that feature is not working on all posts. On some it just opens the post. 😄
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    @dfox @MocitC if you double tab your own post the app starts to act weird. I did it a couple of time and one of the times the app literally crashed - I needed to restart it. The second time it opened my post twice - I mean I needed to press the back button twice to return to the newsfeed page.
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    @aamitkov Even managed a triple opening of the Notifs, no idea how
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    I didn't get this notification so lucky you, OP!
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    @dfox @aamitkov i can confirm, this has happened to me on occasion as well (iOS.)
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