If anybody right now is making an app/website, please make dark theme the default, everyone will love you.

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    Well, u should know option to change theme in the setting is a bit tricky (in android)
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    I'd like too but this damn API needs fixing first.
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    I will always have my websites have a dark/light theme, but light will be default because many people like having their eyes burned, apparently
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    @daemonAD Interesting, I never heard of that, I just found it annoying because I like high contrast with what I'm reading, it helps.
    (White text on a dark color background)
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    @filthyranter to quote steve jobs, "people dont know what they want until you give it to them"
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    I got so used to dark themes, that when I use MS Word I always try to switch theme to dark. Habits die hard
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    Just started making an app but the first thing I did was change the theme to dark.
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