Got a question guys!
I want to capture screenshots from a live video stream being broadcast over HTTPS, such as the one on this link:
I can do it locally using the chrome webdriver in selenium, but cannot reproduce the same in a server I'm accessing remotely. I tried using headless browsers like phantomJS, but apparently it doesn't support video players -_-
I'm confused because I don't even know what to search for anymore, I've been stuck with this one thing for the last 17 hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You can't screenshot headless becaude it has no head.

    Google Xvfb, dee if there is way to use that instead fo selenium's headless.

    Opction 2: if the stream is noy protected, consule the video directly and take as many frames as you want.
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    @mundo03 turns out I can actually screenshot with headless, I did it on various websites and they turned out to be perfect, its just with the video I cannot seem a way to do the same - apparently phantomJS does not mimic browsers playing HTML5 videos!
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    Probably playing with ffmpeg on the server might help. I had once done something related to capturing video screenshots after 10 second playback, 20 seconds playback etc. And had to deal with ffmpeg CLI options. It did work very nice but it was complex af.
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    @themissingbrace @mundo03 I got it guys! Typical thing that I do, completely overlooked the fact that the chrome browser can be rendered headless and it would still work -_- Thanks for the support anyways!
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    Now I know is possible again.
    I always use chrome and remember there wasa time where it did not work.

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