Ok i post it a bit late but what the hell.

This is my monster now! I now shall conquer the world!

with that configuration:
CPU: i5 7300HQ
GPU: gtx1050
HDD: WB blue (small laptop one) 1TB

Ok i already had that configuration for a while... but it was sloooowwwww D:

That is why for my birthday/chrismas i bought myself additional 8GB of ram and a tiny nvme ssd to make everything 1000x faster! 😎

1 ++ for a person who reads how big the ssd is...

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    You had to open the whole thing to access the SSD and ram slots? What kind of garbage design is that?

    Also, ++ for "so fast my lap drifts"
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    @RememberMe if opening up the whole back is easy, it's not a negative. If you first have to remove the keyboard, then yes.
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    I have got 2 laps from my high school that were broken few years ago. Those 2 had small panels for ram, hdd and had a external battery. Dont know about the insides tho :(
    I have thought of using parts from one to repair another one but because i dont have tools and because i disassembled them out of curiocity they might be missing few screws.... D:

    And you say that because i had to remove the whole back side that laptop is bad... you are wrong.
    Backside removal is EASY, battery is held by 1 screw! It is bloody easy to service optical drive (here not present), hdd, ram and ssd once you remove the back cover. In addition to that you can easly replace the screen as well! You dont even have to open the back cover for that! 10/10 from me for servisability. Remember that this lap is for gamers and it is easy to maintain it as well! 10/10 from me.
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    @Gregozor2121 oh okay, I stand corrected.
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    Beast ? That ? Ryzen 5 2500U with RX560X with M.2 SSD + HDD and 8Gb of RAM.
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    And this is stock. Will add more ram too and replace the fucking hdd
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    Tell me that ssd 1TB isnt a little crazy....

    Of course it isnt beast in comparison to top 10 laptops but it is a beast for me. So at least im sadisfied
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    I'm gonna buy 1tb ssd very soon actually.
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    Gonna replace that CDROM with Hardisk Caddy, and buy SSD asap
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    @wowotek what are you talking about? There's an nvme ssd already.
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    @electrineer oops didn't see that! Damn that hella fast.

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    @wowotek and you didn't read the rant either 🤔
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    @electrineer to be honest i didnt read them all 😂 but i immediately bought one.
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