Any SUPER AWESOME patient... JS PRO that wants to help me with a few problems it would be appreciated..

Okay so I'm having trouble with JavaScript and this can apply to other languages but for now focus on JS. so I'm learning how to manipulate the DOM and I don't really know how to start I picked out a tutorial but I'm afraid I wont learn a lot from it. here are my concerns and yes they don't all have to do with the DOM

> I don't know how to learn without mimicking what the person is doing and when I try something that's related I cant use the related information and techniques because I either don't remember, dont want to do the literal same thing for something slightly different or dont know how and somethings not working even though it should be.

> I do it one way and when people offer to help its just me getting responses of how it could be done completely different and I dont understand why either way should be used

> Why should I have to generate a webpage or div if I can just use HTML5

>whats the difference between JSON and Arrays???????????

>I am not good with arrays, lists, dictionaries, (I'm stretching to python with lists and dictionaries)

>I recently tried the basic quiz project and it was more complicated and fun than I was giving credit for but I want to do it a different way to show myself I learned but I cant because I dont understand how the person managed to loop through the entire array printing the individual questions and answers to the div. like I understand the parts that use the html tags in the code but I dont know how when or what to use it all

>any good javascript/dom resources?

At this point Im just stressing because all I want is a basic skillset with JS but I dont feel like Im learning anything and I dont know how to apply my knowledge or improve upon the programs ive been learning from or trying to make. and arrays have been tripping me up to especially since I have no clue what the difference is between them and JSON and why I should use one over the other and dont get me started how shit I am with manipulating them. FUCK IM STUPID

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    Hi bubbles, try some of the great courses on codecademy.com for example, you'll get everything in order soon enough.

    Don't worry, you're not stupid, you just need to practice more so you'll learn the different patterns and how to recognize them.

    JSON is a string representation (serialization) inspired by JavaScript objects (not limited to JavaScript). The relationship with arrays is this: JSON.stringify([1, 2, 3]) === "[1, 2, 3]".

    The importance of serialization is that you can send a string, but not an object or array, over the internet or store it in a file. The importance of in-memory representation of arrays without using strings is that it is much much faster.
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    @cannonau I just need to practice but it doesnt help when I cant grasp it or find other ways to do it outside the original way I was introduced with, i feel like it's more or less looking up different ways of doing it, picking one and doing stuff like that. But I want to for once figure out how to do it my own way
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    Just breathe and read W3 Schools. Half of JS it keeping your mind around why it might exist and that it’s original paradigm was prototype. From there it’s a bit of rote memorization of methods and a lot of searching “how to ____ in js” because there’s often a lot of ways to do something. Also focus on ES6 syntax. ES5 is more awkward and confusing.

    Js powers the web in a lot of was so when you might be feeling overwhelmed just remember this language is broad enough to do tons of stuff. So you have to take it bit by bit.
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    @Bubbles Altough your idea is great about doing things your own way:
    Humans learn from mimicking others. If you do that over and over again one day you will be able to do ‚your own‘ solutions. It takes practice and effort. And by mimicking others that already have that practice you will get there aswell eventually.
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    @jeeper I've been trying to practice ES6 and I originally learned webdev on W3Schools so is there any other good resource/course I can take? I think someone mentioned Khan academy which I plan to look into
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    @LuPaw what if I'm not doing a similar project how am I supposed to do it if I dont have anything to go off of. I know copying is a big part of learning cause how are you gonna learn if you've never seen it before but I wanna at least sometimes think of my own solutions to make me feel like I'm not retarded but idk how because I'm not really used to stuff in javascript and I dont know how to get used to it like for loops and arrays cause in python I understood them better for some reason. The best way to explain it is I dont really know how to do things with that format of for loops cause I'm new to them and python does them a lot differently than JS, C, C++, Java, etc they all do it similar to each other but im lost and dont really understand what's happening when im using for loops I hate admitting that cause it makes me seem inexperienced and stupid but I just cant help it I just dont understand them as much. Idk if any of this made any sense I'm sorry
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    @Bubbles might be time to step it up a bit and take a good, well reviewed course on Udemy when they go on sale for 10.99 or 9.99 each. They go on sale like once a month. Just sort by highest reviews, or just search about each teacher first.

    There’s also skill share if you like a subscription model.

    Paid courses are a lot more in-depth usually. Even if it’s cheap
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    @jeeper I've collected my thoughts over the day, I'm gonna write a list of all the stuff I'm not used to or good at and individually focus on those although DOM manipulation is gonna be tricky still because that's a whole new world
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    @Bubbles DOM manipulation is pretty straightforward. You’ll get it soon. I’m sure you’ll have a moment when it clicks
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    @jeeper I have no doubt I just have to get used to it and practice a bit
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