Just learnt that Stack Exchange servers are using Windows servers with IIS. Codebase written in C# (probably ASP .NET). Not sure how I feel about this.

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    How about "why does it matter?"
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    >windows servers


    my malware ventures have ruined me
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    It's a system in production and it works well. Why do you care?
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    Go ahead... Stop using them... That'll Show Microsoft how much you hate them. StackExchange will have to bend over backwards and rewrite their stack so they can get you back 😂😂
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    @RememberMe No, I am just surprised that it works this well.

    @MrCSharp Nah, actually I give kudos to them for making it work that well.
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    @NoNameCode ok? So you mean all the other languages are superior than C#? Can you tell us exactly what you mean?
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    @wateringdisease Quite the conclusion you jumped to there. Might want to look before leaping so far. 😉
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    @NoNameCode C# is a mature language with fantastic features. .Net is a great framework with massive support both from MS and the community. A lot of enterprise level application are built with that stack because of this. Not to mention that this stack is very stable the dotnet community doesn't do the flavor of the week shit we see in other languages. MS is great when it comes to backward compatibility which makes this stack very appealing to enterprises.

    You can hate all you want but I pay my bills with this stack and I enjoy writing code with it both professionally and for my side projects.

    Bing runs on dotnet core btw and I'm sure you don't use that, but the site gets around 30% of search traffic in the US and almost 20% of global search traffic. Clearly C# and dotnet core are more than capable of handling such demand.
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    @MrCSharp ok, but why do you immediately feel attacked, when he didn't say anything negative about C# or MS at all?

    He was just asking for clarification, nothing else
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    @Krokoklemme there was no request for clarification, just that the author wasn't sure how they felt...
    And Microsoft tech gets a lot of bashing...
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    They have an interesting article on their stack https://nickcraver.com/blog/2016/...
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    @Root second sentence starts with "codebase written with c#". I guess you haven't read it?
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    @NoNameCode if you are suprised that it works this well, I bet you can give us an example of another language which can compete with LINQ of C#? Python's list comprehensions are proven to be inferior to LINQ of C#. Please enlighten us which technology is exactly better and how?
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    @wateringdisease come on, we all know that C#.net is the best there is, people can only diss it by getting incredibly vague ;-)
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    @wateringdisease Perhaps you haven't read the comments for further context.

    Also, it's C# not PHP. 😉
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    @Root on his first comment he directly starts with "I'm suprised that it works well". Do you mean this is actually a compliment for C#? lol are you drunk or high or something?
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    @Redders yeah, I'm actually stupid ._.

    Somehow mixed it up with the comment from @wateringdisease .-.
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    @wateringdisease You know what can compete with LINQ? Normal code with loops and stuff. At least if you mean efficiency, often normal C# code is faster.
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    @NoNameCode no sorry normal C# isnt faster. it is pretty much established right now that writing tedious loops for every damn thing is a huge waste of time
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