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    >linux tag

    Oh boy what'd you do?
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    @Parzi well it's my first time building an LFS system. Made it up to ch.5 with no problems and backed up my toolchain. Then spent hours working up till about ch.6.10 when I was installing "zlib" and then "file" afterwords until I couldnt build file bc a shared lib couldnt be found. So i was thinking maybe i missed something on zlib especially with the symbolic link I created from libz.so. anyways I tried back tracking all I could, googling, reading docs, etc. Alot of sources said it could be something wrong with the modifications made to the toolchain in ch6 so yeah.. thinking I have to restart that whole process D:
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    @konicm8ker you know what would be worse? If you restart the whole thing, fix toolchain problems, and get to the same error and realize it was something else the whole time. So thread(right?) lightly! Don't just start restarting
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    @ipinlnd lol that's very true. I wont have to start completely over bc I backed up my toolchain before chrooting, but maybe I missed something during the "configuring the toolchain" process on ch6.
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    I have a laptop laying around that has 3 os's and 3? bootloaders.

    I had to learn how to manually boot linux with the emergency shell.

    You know you're in for a couple of hours of "fuck" when the linux terminal "LITERALLY SAYS":
    Can not help from this point onwards, you are on your own now, good luck.
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    @ipinlnd i did that the other night. I'm started with a zenwalk iso but only installed the essential, the cli apps and the developer libraries. I put wayland on here intending to install sway and needed python3. Ran python -V and got back 2.7 so I spent the next 5 hours trying to get python3 and several other related packages on here with no luck. Reinstalled and paid closer attention to what the default libraries were and I'll be damned if python 3 and half of the other packages weren't already installed, I just didn't know how to use them properly 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    @konicm8ker I'm not going by LFS (I probably should be) so you may already realize this, but one discovery I made this morning after fighting with openssl all night is that it apparently helps to reboot the machine after some installs rather than just running libtool --finish.
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    @M1sf3t yeah I never rebooted so that's a good point. I didnt wanna mount and create the enviornment again 😅
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