Was hoping someone with experience can provide insight or advice on this. It's a long one, so thanks in advance to everyone who took time.

Received a great job offer a few weeks ago and was told I'd get a contract in January. They seemed pretty switched on about the kind of problems I might be facing and even raised my asking price, so I'm definitely not interested in looking elsewhere.

However, I started getting interview requests Thursday last week, one of which is for next Thursday.

Received and signed contract on Friday. Haven't received copy with employer's signature yet, but it's still early so np yet. However, I still haven't replied to the interview requests.

Should I turn down the requests or accept them and hope I get the contract back in time to cancel? I mentioned to the recruiter that I was receiving interest from other companies and I wanted to seal the deal with this company, but didn't receive response yet advising me whether it's cool to keep my options open.

I don't wanna look dodgy to the dudes I signed with in the unlikely event they find out I accepted interviews. I also don't wanna come across as combative or a pain to work with by pressuring them to sign soon.

However, I also don't wanna have a panic attack in the middle of revision season if I don't hear from these guys for a week (they get pretty busy at times). I feel like I could be sentencing myself to short-term anxiety (and I'm already anxious af in final year) if I start turning down offers before I have a signed contract.


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    Where are you based? In the UK, once you have a job offer and you've signed the contract, you have the job.
    Have you not already agreed a start date? It does feel like you've already got the job.
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    @ThomasRedstone I'm in the UK. I've agreed a start date which can be moved a bit. I kinda assumed that since they haven't signed yet they could pull out but maybe I'm wrong
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    You were given a contract which you've signed, and you have a start date. All sounds perfectly normal to me, I'd say you're all sorted! Congratulations!

    (As a reference point for the UK: https://gov.uk/employment-contracts...)
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    @AlmondSauce Thanks. I didn't realise it was that informal.
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