Job offer: "All employees will be provided Macbooks"

Nope! Just nope.

Let your dev chose their equipment, thank you very much.

If they want a Linux laptop, buy them one. If they want a Windows workstation, give it to them. And if and only if they want a Macbook, give them a Macbook.

I used to work in two companies having the requirement to use a Macbook for two years.

I know its pros. I know its cons. My conclusion for me: Never again!

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    Agree with the part of letting employee choose their tools. Most importantly is to also let them set it up! I hate it when I'm given an already set up laptop, like I am the user I set it up, I'm not a noob ...
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    Companies usually have contracts which they're bound too...
    This mostly sucks...
    Especially with printers...
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    1. Companies have contracts with suppliers and other companies
    2. Companies have tools that mostly are only running on a specific platform
    3. It's way easier for companies to maintain only one specific platform

    So there are so many reasons and in this case I'm definitely on the company's site
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    @wholl0p I understand their reasons. If they can afford certain people not wanting working for them, all power to them.
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    I always byob and do all the VPN/etc myself. Why would I want my employer mitm-ing me?
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    @runfrodorun that is the most hilariously apt description of byod, thank you sir for making me laugh
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    Has no one remembered how a poor programmer blames their tools? Whats this job even for? iOS dev? Web dev? Maybe there's tools like some VCS or something else only on Mac.
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    @k0pernikus What in particular did you dislike about having a Mac?
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    I have a MacBook. I installed Linux, which solves half of the problems.

    1. Retarded shortcuts
    2. Brew is a fucking weak pretend package manager.
    3. Lack of customizable interface.
    4. Keyboard gives you arthritis by the age of 35.
    5. Lack of full-screen/tiling/snapping windows
    6. Their shit is made by slaves.
    7. No freedom, hard to repair
    8. Their WiFi chip sucks, their OSX WiFi drivers suck worse.
    9. OSX has horrible file handling limits, which is crap for local servers/databases.
    10. Their chargers break easily.
    11. The coating on the screen is not durable.
    12. No dark theme
    13. Dumbing down of config screens
    14. Intel graphics
    15. Battery life is not great
    16. Vendor lock-in, every third party app/tool is expensive and outdated as fuck, not a great open source community.
    17. Safari is not an acceptable browser.
    18. Essential under the hood developer things, like zip or bash, are ancient.

    OSX is an overaged fat whore with layers of makeup. If I benchmark apps, browsers, IDEs... they all run slow as fuck on OSX.

    It's a great OS for people easily distracted by shiny layers of glaze, who don't care about actual usefulness or functionality.
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    @bittersweet (1/2)
    1. Not retarded for everyone. For me they make a lot of sense.
    2. I agree (but does what I need it to do though)
    3. True
    4. It's better than a lot of other laptops.
    5. I agree - this pisses me off the most :D
    6. Idgaf tbh - most hardware is in the end.
    7. True
    8. Idk, I've never had more stable Wifi than I have on my Macbook.
    Besides, it picks up the connection after sleep faster than any other laptop I've experienced
    9. Haven't noticed/had any experience with that.
    10. Mine works like a charm, I've had mine for almost 2 years. My Asus charger on the other hand was close to breaking after only 2 years.
    11. I have no experience with this, so can't say.
    12. True - and sad :(
    13. Maybe? Idk
    14. Lolwut? Many laptops have this. Mine has an AMD card in it though
    15. My battery life is way better than what it has ever been on my Asus laptop.
    16. Hmmm.. Yeah, this is also a bit sad :/
    17. Is Edge or Internet Explorer?
    18. Dunno, haven't bothered me.
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    @bittersweet (2/2)

    I went from Windows to macOS and haven't looked back since.
    I mean, maybe Linux will take over at some point, but right now, I love my Mac.

    And I'm not an Apple fanboy at all. Quite the opposite. I haven't paid for my Macbook myself (paid by work) but I like it, and those things you mentioned is not something that halters my creativity or productivity.
    Each person has their own taste right?
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    @bittersweet And I think that's pretty fortunate. Damn it would be boring if everyone just agreed on everything xD
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