Today i got a job offer for 20k more than i'm making right now and a better company and culture.

I can't wait to see my managers face when i tell him. He has being an asshole since i started.

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    Can I have one too?
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    Mm, gonna feel so good when u leave
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    @g-m-f LMFAO, good one!
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    @g-m-f I second that!
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    Rarely a good idea to burn bridges. Be the bigger man, smile and say goodbye
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    @azork I know that. And i have the best relationship with past coworkers. But this is one of the cases where there has never being any bridge at all. Just a plain asshole manager.
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    @slash28cu just saying. It'll not make you feel better, it will not change him, it will make him angry and when he has the opportunity to bite back, he will. Put your energy in thanking your amazing colleagues instead :) spread the love!
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    @Yivlx Will consider that option. ;)
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    when i did, my boss offered me double the salary but i refused and left. so happy at my current job.
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    @devleb Yes, not a good idea to accept a counter offer. Many times those huge raises on the spot are desperate needs to finish a project and they end up firing you once the project is done. Because they don't see you as a reliable person. Had that experience 5 years ago.
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    @Yivlx Can i give +1 like 20 times to this guy for that amazing idea.
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    @g-m-f yes yes yes! That we want!
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    Good luck man. Go head deep and fuck the rest.
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