What's the most interesting use for a QR code (or any other 2D code) you have seen?

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    Arm wrestling with a phone strapped on the back of the arm and qr codes on the table. Get the opponents arm low enough and the phone will scan the code and transfer money to your account. Sorry i cant find the video, but i liked the creativity of it.
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    Making a PNG with home page link and putting it on the home page.
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    Putting a whole virtual business card into a QR code on the back of the real one is pretty nice!
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    Few years ago I saw a project in which a QR display was attached to a dustbin and if someone throws a garbage into the bin then the display shows a code and after scanning the code you can get access to free high speed internet for the next 1hrr.
    The idea was to keep the surrounding clean in the greed of free internet.
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    In Combination with e-ink for logistic use cases (e.g. for route-changes)
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    @oxmox that's an interesting use case. Where did you see that? In a factory?
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    No ...have it done for an own project 😁
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    Log-in on the whatsapp webapp...
    but seriously it's kind of stupid.

    The business card qr code to add it to your phones contact is probably the most usefull usecase i know.

    In China it's a whole other story, wechat uses heavly qr codes to do mobile payments.

    Other than that the frustration level to use it is too high. QR codes need a strong motivator (like you won $1000) to take out your phone of your pocket, open an app and scan this code where you dont know what's gonna happen.
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    I once had a friend who had a qr code saying "aua" tattooed on her arm. That's the German equivalent of "ouch".
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    Someone I know uses one as their profile picture.
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    our hospital has the most shitty cms for the internet site. the urls are not readable or memorizable. here qr codes come in quite handy if we want to point to certain docs.
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    Dotcode has cool uses in factories.
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