So I have a friend who was part of a QA team in a large multinational company a few years back in, let's call it city X. There was this absolutely useless guy on the same team as him, didn't have a clue what was going on, gave everybody headaches, wrote sloppy buggy code, constantly fucking things up. You know the type, eventually he ended up getting fured/let go, whatever way you want to put it due to poor performance. All was well again.

My friend moved on to bigger and better things and moved cities, a few years after he was back in city X, out having a few drinks with friends, he just so happened to bump into the guy from his old company that got fired and started talking to him, as he was a nice guy, just a useless programmer/coworker. After a bit of small talk my friend asked where he was working now. He response: "oh I work with an air traffic control systems manufacturer as a developer"

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    People can improve. If I got fired every time I fucked something up I would be homeless
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    This story reminded me of this joke
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    @xroad true, I left out of the original post that he got hired there 2 months after he got let go from the multinational. Don't think 2 months is enough for that type of improvement.
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    @P3t3r6 hahaha just saw that now. Very good.
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    I have seen many times that people improve a lot once they have a good mentor or when they end up in an environment that has the necessary business structure.

    Not every environment is suitable for any type of person.

    That said, I have also seen many cases where critical systems are handled by people not having a clue at all.
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