What's the best resource (curriculum, pdf, video download link...) you suggest to teach an online class which is a whatsapp group/telegram channel web design. - HTML, CSS, Javascript then build some sample website. Please let suggestions be whatsapp or telegram friendly.

PS. I'm in a country where internet connection is expensive.

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    Basic and proper html css first, before jumping to js or jquery
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    I was a huge fan of W3 Schools when I was teaching myself HTML & CSS, but that's me.
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    @Stuxnet yeah people been shitting on w3schools but the try it is really nice way to learn, you can just update the spec to mdn anyway, it’s not even that hard
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    @devTea The way I started learning was like this.

    I said "Ok Stux, what's a website have?" The first thing that came to my mind was a navbar. So I read everything they had on navbars, copy & pasted the "code", then played with it to see just how everything worked.

    I kept doing that until I moved into more complex and/or specific things that I couldn't find on W3.

    I'd say it was a pretty effective way, if you ask me. I made a 99.9 in my intro to web dev class (not trying to brag at all lol, it's just how it is) and I'm fairly confident I couldn have never went to class and made the same grade.
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    @devTea @Stuxnet who shit on w3?

    Any web-dev-wannabe who jump start on other shit without learning at w3 should be punished.
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    @cursee some senior or elitist
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    @devTea the other option to w3 is Mozilla but I still think w3 is better.
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    @cursee yeah mozilla is good if you’ve past that newbie barrier
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