PM: hows the android app going?
Android Dev: gradle downloading... blocked by network admin.

PM: anyway how is the iOS app going?
iOS Dev: cocoapods downloading... blocked by network admin.

PM: ... i guess the only thing running now is the web admin right?
Laravel/VueJS Dev: composer nodejs/npm/yarn downloading... blocked by network admin.

PM: team lets retest the api endponts
Team: Postman downloading... blocked by network admin.
Team: -_- Insomnia REST Client downloading... blocked by network admin.

PM: code study?
Team: even visual studio code/android studio/xcode is blocked. :(

.... sad dev life

anyone here with the same problem?

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    Your network admin needs to join the 21st century... Their 1990's security policies have no place in modern development!
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    Yes! Some of our client so scared they blocked everything, even if dev related. Fuck this
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    admin's probably high on smth
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    @devTea even worst gitlab and github is blocked too :D
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    New policy: any work that is blocked more than 2 hours during the standard work day due to network security policies gets deducted from the network managers budget ;-)
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    @Redders hahaha that would be awesome.... but seriously when i first came to this office i was like WOW passive income... but for 3 months doing nothing but shit and no room to study new tech really sucks
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    @monmadmatt i feel ya. Wadted a week trying to setup a google cloud instance with a certain programm on it. Could have been done in a day but the sys admins had everything blocked. from the cloud console to the tool u install on ure pc to issue the commands. took ages to find out what they had to open up in order for me to be able to do my work lmao
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    @Kubernatural at least you got what you needed bro :( but for us its been 3 months and still nothing :D and regularization evaluation is coming up its like a big middle finger up on our faces productivity level = -100
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    Mine is exactly like this
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    Fortunately I've never worked anywhere like this.

    If I did, I'd likely hand in my notice immediately. Nothing more frustrating than your employer who's asking you to do the work preventing you from doing the work...
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    I joined a new company, network guy blocked all portals under IT and social category.
    I couldnt work on basic things.

    Had a talk with network guy inperson, told me to get official email from upper management.

    Email him and cc project manager and boss.

    In email

    .... as our network restrict access to basic portal I couldnot work. Its a just waste of time.
    I will be leaving home for the day.

    After 1 hour of email sent no response from anyone.
    Left for home.

    Next day
    Boss comes in asked me why did you left, told him its waste of time. Better to do my house chores.

    Still no acess.
    Left home

    The other day.
    Got full acess everything and even porn.
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    @monmadmatt I'm curious to know where you are working.
    My guess is some MNC with very sturtured expied working rulesets of 20th century.
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    Closest i've had was having ssh blocked by "IT" after a merger.
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    Quit today, be happy tomorrow
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