Yeeeey, the teacher lets us use our preffered code editor for web dev. (VS code for me)

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    I believe teacher should give zero fucks about your editor but it's your responsibility to know how to use it.
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    @irene I totally agree, It's just that my experience from the last 2 years has been that we were forced to work with programs like photoshop and dreamweaver from the 90's xd
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    @Besi those are not text editors though 🤔
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    I don't know, but my Geany IDE looks awesome! Fonts have a very good contrast and I have an awesome integrated terminal. I'm using the Gedit default color scheme and Latin Modern Mono typography (my favourite).

    I'm using it for Laravel PHP development, it's very cool and more native than Visual Studio Code, because it's written in C and C++, using GTK+ library and Scintilla Editor.

    I used Bluefish before, but I felt like fonts had no contrast, so I switched to Geany, and I love it! Nonetheless, Bluefish is also an excellent code editor for web developers, it allows you to work with remote FTP files (only in GNU/Linux, I didn't achieve it in macOS) with auto-upload.

    EDIT: ignore the black frame, it's just a fancy shadow effect from macOS screenshots, but devRant has no good transparency support.
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    School Wifi blocks atom.io,
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    @dmoa Try using Tor network.
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    @iamavalos they blocked tor as well, reeeeeee
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