At home I am root. At work I am at the mercy of incompetent monkeys and their shoddy restrictive systems...

Anyone else?

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    Yep. I'm a DBA. I logged into AWS and went through the steps of setting up an RDS Postgresql database, and selected create. Message back; you aren't authorized. What? I'm your %#€&$¥ DBA!
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    Minus AWS, I am root.
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    I am root. Everywhere. 😊
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    @Yamakuzure you are CEO?
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    @billgates senior dev in a small company.
    I also have root access to all databases, servers, the active directory, exchange and the sophos firewall.

    Guess who set it all up? The CTO, the head of development and me. *shrug*
    I have been (co-) maintaining the Linux servers and the databases (MySQL, DB2 and Oracle on Debian) since 2009.
    In fact I am the only one who actually can install and maintain Oracle on Debian. Started with Oracle 8 on Lenny.
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    i get unlimited trust from the company, mostly cause noone besides me can properly comprehend what i do, how i do it and why i do it.

    Its a bit unfair, there are intelligent people here, propably more intelligent and knowledgeable than me and certainly with the needed prepositions. But they dont have time and their unique abilities are used elsewhere.

    But long story short, my multi headed position allows me to make everything act my way..a frightening power.
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    Absofuckinglutely right
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    I asked for admin privileges and they granted me :D (I had to sign a document )
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    @BurnoutDV your nickname says it all mate
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    @yamidospina inner the years they do surely took mine away... Admin to my desktop so I can install apps that need Admin permission
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    *sniff* ... I'm root nowhere ...

    Sometimes I get Sudo rights at home, but most of the time those are revoked as well by "She who must be obeyed"
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    @Root but you're Root here... 😁
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    @iAmNaN I'm Root everywhere 🙂
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    Ummmmmmm I Am Root
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    @Root I was expecting you as the author.
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    @vocuzi While they certainly are annoying, I don't let restrictive systems get the best of me. 😊
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    @Yamakuzure you are a liability
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    @mundo03 maybe, but I also have the opportunity to help shaping the future of the company.
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    I'm a Linux server engineer professionally so luckily I'm root at work as well 😊
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