So my manager calls me in today and says "Congratulations for getting the excellence award, but I'm sorry we can't give it to you as you're still a contract employee. But hey you did a good job 👍"

IDK if I should be happy or sad. Or just say FUck my luck and get back to coding 😂

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    I'd probably go with thinking "Fuck you" and getting back to work
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    I can say that awards do not mean anything in this industry. Your accomplishments within organization are limited to that organization only. So it would be better to get back to your work irrespective of whether you get it or not.
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    That shitface of a manager should feel ashamed of being a manager
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    Depending on where in the world you are, it is a good thing to not be eligible for perks given to permies. It is just another thing that points away from being a disguised employee.
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    Were you only doing well because you wanted the award?
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