Please take sleep deprivation seriously!
Take care of it and don't allow stress to take you over.

Here's a little story of what happened to me:

I've had sleep problems for all of my life, but the beginning of last summer 2018 it went too far. I turned 18 and somehow all the school, dev and personal work started to pile up, I stressed about them and started to have no sleep every other day and little sleep another. Immediately I took time off from everything for trying get better sleep.

Having no sleep means that your brain starts to run in really low gear but you might not even notice it. So I started stressing about every little detail, making ridiculous decisions and doing stuff that didn't really make any sense.

I went to a doctor and was ordered to take time off for a month or so and start medication with bunch of different pills. At the time I thought the medication could wait for a day and went to an old work friend's place for night stay to discuss about everything. That wasn't obviously the thing I should've done. I was up all of that night, he slept, and in the morning he noticed something was really a bit off about me.

We went to the hospital and I agreed for a treatment in there. They got me to sleep normally again and I rested there for a while. I went back home or actually my parents' place and the problems continued, and back to the hospital I go. This time there was no choice. After a really long while, my mind started to stabilize enough that I was allowed to return to my everyday life: enjoying my summer break. It was an awful summer. I often felt lonely and bored. But at least I slept normally.

In the fall I returned to my usual busy schedule. And life's good again. This time I will manage my stress and sleep better and take them to account when planning schedule.

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    Dude, take your pills and days off. And learn which pills are for what. They are your little round friends.
    I have similar history, but in the end my sleep issues were covering for my depression and unmanaged adhd. Six or eight years and counting.
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    Hm, I'm around the same age. Half a year ago school was so difficult that I was living in a fear that I might flank out. I was doing school projects and studying till 3am but there was one motherfucking subject that was just impossible so I had no choice but to transfer to another school and leaving most of my friends. Now school is easy and I can focus on my profession. But I still don't sleep during night, I've become addicted to it. At night I code, chill, do my homework. I do this because it is just incredible how much time I have in a day this way. I sleep 2-3 hours afternoon and 3 hours from 3am to 6am. At least my life is ok now except the tiredness.
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    Yeah I know my drugs, but wanted to keep it simple for the sake of the story.

    I also have ADD not hyperactivity though. And I am also diagnosed witb unspecified depression that I'm starting to realize what it meant for me. 😅
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    That sounds bad for the sleep times. It's ok to stay awake late but you still have to sleep at least 6 hours. I normally try to sleep at least 8 hours.
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    Ooh, you are sleeping 6 h/day but in two sessions. My bad. I should go to sleep 😅
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    @joas I don't get it either xdd I might as well just go to sleep, I didn't sleep this afternoon.
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    @Besi Well good "night" then
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    I've had two years of insomnia, I know the feeling of constant sleep deprivation very well :/
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    I dont have insomnia but I've generally been sleeping 4-5 hours everyday for the past 10 years because I am addicted to the internet and can't get to bed

    I'm so used it now that it doesn't even affect me. I wrote my final engineering exams on like 3 hours but if I could fix it I would...well maybe I should... #2019isAnewYear
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    50 cent: Sleep are for the people who are broke.
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    Medications have instructions for a reason: it can be quite problematic when you decide to handle them carelessly.
    One of my friends is on a high dosage of antidepressants and one day he just "decided" he didn't like them anymore and just dtopped taking them. It got so bad he had seizure like symptoms
    Medications are not a joke and you should handle them responsible
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    @jthm getting off SSRIs, which are many antidepressants, have such effect. What's more important, the depression can come back, stronger and harder to manage.
    Another thing is that, using stronger antidepressants than required) can cause hipomanic episode.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t get enough sleep but will try to get more.
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    @dfox get some sleep, you are important to us, without you there world be no devrant! ;)
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    @mt3o haha thanks. I will do my best. Definitely fell into a bad habit with my hours.
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    Thank you all for reading and sharing your own experiences and/or problems.

    @dfox got me thinking with his thanking that this can be a sensitive subject for some people. As I'm not eather shouting that I have sleep / mental / neurological problems in the streets. I'm trying to be more anonymous here in devRant, but still quite ain't. Talking about these problems is never bad as people might not know their problems before they go too far like I did.
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