So, 27 hours. 27 hours I've been awake at this point.

I was actually planning on sleeping last night, but I was talking to my ex for a while (until around 2 am). Beat Portal again. Decided to get a thing or two done real quick. By the time I got that shit done, it was like 5, and I have to be up at like 6:45, so I felt like sleeping wasn't worth it anymore. Had a fairly good day at school, managed to stay awake (even through AP chemistry!), kinda started talking to a girl.

I'm fucking tired guys.

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    It happens. It's easier when you're young. I never realized how even 5 years could make a difference on endurance. (Go ahead and make jokes cause I'm serous)
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    I am in the mid thirties and I would be a freaking zombie when I would not sleep 😁
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    Go to sleep. Learn from @Floydian
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    Get some sleep!
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    @hubiruchi I feel like I'm missing something?
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    @hubiruchi I missed these good night mentions. Hahaha

    Feels like I am back home now :)
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    @infernalempress spent some time, but I actually found the original rant!
    Now I can actually go to sleep (so should you?)
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    @hubiruchi I'm trying to fix my fucked up sleep schedule (I think you can tell it's fucked up right now), so I'm gonna go to bed at a normal time tonight (probably ~4 hours or so), and I SHOULD be good (I've done this before. I'm an expert.)
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    27 hours isn't that long. It's about the point that feels very bad but if you continue, that feeling will go away.
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    @electrineer It's just the first time I've done this in a while. Like I've hit maybe 18 or 20 hours on occasion, but I generally don't go much past 24
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    @infernalempress When i was younger i used to pull some shit. I pulled to 36 hour days around Christmas thinking it was going to help me get used to staying up again cause i knew i was going to have to get up earily on the first and wasn't going to beable to go to bed until it was technically the third. I made it but when i woke up on the 3rd my back and arm was hurting and i was sick as hell and thinking i was going to die. It bugs me cause 8 years ago i could pull that kind of with no consequences but now it damn near kills me
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    I forgot to add the link to the source😅 https://devrant.com/rants/1402595/...
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    Started talking to a girl? You have to get some sleep now! You dont act like yourself when you are tired!
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    @Gregozor2121 I just slept around 11-12 hours or so. I think I'm good now. Plus my sleep schedule seems good enough now too.

    But this girl, it's kinda awkward that her name is also my sister's name, and actually a good friend's last name.

    Basically I skipped one of my classes yesterday to go to a friend's class, cause he told me that they were learning basic web development and they had no fucking clue what they were doing, so I went in there to help them out some. She's like the only girl in the class, and I was helping her figure something out real quick and we started talking. Apparently she's into fancy pencils and stuff too (I have some nice pencils, like very thin lead. Like 0.2mm and 0.3mm). I ended up mostly talking to her the whole class

    And I have to get in the shower and get ready for school now so I kinda have to go
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    I dunno why, I just felt like I was messaging someone and felt I had to tell them I had to get in the shower
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    @PerfectAsshole any given 5 years doesn’t seem that long, but they add up to your whole life. Any given $5 doesn’t seem like that much, but they add up too!
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    Reading this reminds me of how I met my own partner. I miss being in high school and so much less responsible :(

    Don't miss being on my parents' PC building budget though!
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