After waiting weeks and weeks for my account to be deleted (they asked for email to support for that, altough egistration takes 5s) I finally asked last time, this time using magical word "GDPR"

Got my account and data deleted under an hour and now their account settings page have delete account button. Even if it's this fake one which only changes email/id to prefixed one, still it was worth it.

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    I immdiatly knew that you where from the slav country after i saw that rodo tag.
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    Haha, same. I emailed them asking for my account to be deleted. “We can’t do that.” Sent them the GDPR form, suddenly they were talking to the backend team, and my account was gone in a few days. Like honestly, how hard would it be to give me the option to delete it myself?
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    @620hun i would sue them if they would answer that they cant do that. the only answer i would accept that regulations would need to preserve it.
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    @stop I was going to sue them, but in order to do that I needed their explicit refusal. When I asked for that they changed their mind.
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    it's funny though UODO (GDPR office in Poland), which recommends SSL has invalid certificate itself :D


    Edit: or rather this is Firefox only problem, strange :D
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    @620hun is there any official GDPR form for that ?
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    @alkuzad you know its an incomplete cert chain?
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