In the corporate world, how does promotion work?
Cause Im just a student here and I dont have a damn clue on how it works.

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    Basically when you think you can do your boss's job better than he can, you demonstrate to their boss that you can, and you replace them. Or, you wait until your boss leaves and get their position based on seniority.
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    @beegC0de by boss do you mean your CEO or your manager?
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    Everyone gets promoted until they reach a role that is just beyond their competency
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    @beegC0de not necessarily your boss.

    If you feel you've outgrown your shoes ask your manager for promotion. There are various types of promotions I've seen. Some corporations have internal employee skillset grading system, e.g. at the day you join tge comp you'll prolly be assigned to level G1. After you get enough xp you might ask your manager for G2 grade, after another 6/12 months - G3, and so on. Salary rises along with the grade and you can either keep your role, e.g. stay the same sysadmin just with better grade; not exactly the same as jr/mid/sr.

    If you want to also change your role [grow horizontally], also ask your manager when you feel you're ready. If he sees you as the right fit for the role and there's an opening for the position he might fulfil your request as soon as possible/convenient. Your grade and/or salary might or might not change, depending on the role and your aggreement.

    Anyways, different corps - different internal rules. I'm only telling what I've seen.
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    @netikras Can I ask you, what do you think are the pros and cons of that kind of promotion system? i.e. the "corporate grading" system
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    @Robinha that's called the Peter principle https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    1) Kiss ass. Part of that is aligning your goals with the goals of your boss' boss.

    2) Shove off blame for failures, ideally to your competitors. Cover your ass with a paper trail for proving who fucked up.

    3) Grab credit for successes, ideally from your competitors. Hide vague hints in minutes of meetings that can be twisted later to mean exactly what you need them to mean.

    4) It helps to mostly know what you're doing, though that point is usually overrated.
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    @Fast-Nop i feel really sorry for you if this is your experience

    For me, best way is go on to the next company that offers the position you are looking for
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    @tkdmatze this is not just my experience, this is how it works in big companies. Doesn't work in smaller companies because there's not enough room for that - but there's no career in smaller companies anyway.
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    There are a few options:

    - Bullshit you boss into changing your level and gratification.
    - Bullshit anyone above your boss to boost you up.
    - bullshit another company into hiring you in a higher position every couple of years.

    Now, what you have to do is learn learn learn, take on projects, spend time learning improve your CV, because in corporate you are just another useless asshole that can be fired in a snap and you will have to find another job you need the CV.

    Note that bullshitting is always more about making the bullshit receiver think you are working more than actually working.

    Work smart not hard, and make sure the command chain knows you do deliver something.
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