my own code is confusing me so much that I can't even return what I want to return and been trying for hours

I'm going over stuff like a broken record and seems as though I'm not understanding it at all 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Have you tried to:

    - re-think the logic of your code and break it into pieces to understand it.

    - take a break from it for few minutes and come with a fresh mind.

    - talk with co-worker/friend about it and try to explain it to him and what it should do and show him the code.
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    Hey! if it isn't myself from the past, do what you always do and recode the entire project. I'm 2 years from the future and I'm happy to tell you'd still be working on your project but it's hella lot faster and optimized and all that.
    Good luck!

    (You probably should just use a rubber duck or something, didn't work for me as I'd much rather play with the duck than talk to it... It's superfun)
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