me : hey tried allo?
her : what is that?
me : it's an amazing new chat app with google built in and you can do blah blah blah.......

*goes on to explain cool stuff*

her: can i send messages to whatsapp from allo?

me : I AM DONE

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    You are me
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    may be this could be the sarcastic way to say that allo is bad.
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    It's not available in my country :(
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    allo is shit imho... to much data and privacy shit
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    @mumbala i really wish they do the E2E encryption by default for all the chats and not just the incognito ones. Privacy is a concern though
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    @vikaskr i am pretty sure that was an innocent ask. :)
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    yes that would be great. or at least encrypted storage of the messages.

    they store them indefenitly in a readable format, or intil you delete them from your phone... did anyone ever delete his whole chat history?
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    I think you actually can ask the Google assistant to do that
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