Jeff Bezos' wife is divorcing him.

And just like that, she's worth more than I could ever dream of being worth. Holy fuck.

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    Time to hit up MacKenzie's dms
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    I can pinpoint the single best contract that she has ever signed, and also the single worst contract that he has ever signed.
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    @Fast-Nop This is why you sign a fucking prenup kids!
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    Yeah she can get a fucking lot of money... But let's say she gets 20% of Bezzos money... After 1 month she probably spent a decent amount of money, like I don't know. Maybe a house or a car, and still be incredibly rich.
    But Jeff, after 1 month probably recovered about 45% of the divorce money and by the next month, would not even remember of the money his ex-wife got.
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    @Stuxnet I personally think he made most of his wealth in the years they were married. The prenup is only for wealth before the relationship right?
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    @marcorodnav Even if she does buy a new car, house, legal fees, ect that'll only be like 1% of that 20% she's getting. I mean, 20% is going to be close to $30 billion.

    1% of that is $300 million. A nice house will probably set her back like $10 to $25 million, a car won't be but a few hundred thousand at most.

    That's still leaving her close to $29.7 billion. There's just no way in hell she could blow (as in buying things, not making shitty investments lol) that much money in her lifetime.

    But yeah you're right, he likely won't suffer long.
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    @Stuxnet he wont suffer long moneywise, feeling wise he might
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    @Stuxnet ehh. Depends on her mindset. There have been alot of people that spend money like it's going out of style and go bankrupt. If we hear about her buying a new house every few years you'll know she's blowing through the money quicker than she blew him
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    @PerfectAsshole There are indeed, but $30 billion is a whole new level of money. She'd have to spend $16 mil a day for 5 years in order to run out of the $30 bil, but as Floydian said, it's all but been confirmed that she'd getting that $68 billion.
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    @Floydian Im not sure how one can say that. If the love of your life leaves you, ir doesnt matter if you have one dollar or 100 billion dollar it will still hurt the same.

    Im not saying it was the life of his life nor that she is leaving him,. I am saying we dont know
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    She helped start Amazon, and is a pretty savvy business person in her own right. Guarantee you she won't waste the money or spend it frivolously.
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    @Codex404 Considering he was caught with a mistress or something like that (from what I can tell), she apparently wasn't the love of his life lol
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    @iAmNaN It takes a special kind of stupid to blow through billions.

    The typical people that blow large amounts of cash are those that have nothing and then boom have lots. But considering she's had lots for a long time now, she won't have the desire to go buy unnecessarily expensive shit like there's no tomorrow.
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    @Stuxnet things like that also can invalidate prenup. Its a common condition for rich people
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    Okay. That's it. I'm marrying bill Gates and divorcing him.
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    What if I marry to myself and divorce later? Will that increase my fortune twice? 🤔
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    She can buy herself younger Jeff and he can buy younger MacKenzie.
    Good for them.
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    Warren Buffet is not the best investor in the world. Jeff Bezos's wife is!
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    Maybe an unpopular opinion:

    She deserves a substantial part of that wealth. It has never been "Rich Jeff Bezos", rather "The Rich Bezos family". The shares they owned, were never Jeff's sole property, people just assumed as much.

    Sure, he is the founder and CEO -- but she gave up a career as a promising hedgefund manager for his wild startup idea, she negotiated the first large contracts for amazon, she paid the first employees, she advised her husband.

    I doubt the Bezos family is so inept that they did not see this coming. Jeff also never claimed to be the sole owner of >$130b, he never crowned himself richest man on the planet, the media did.

    The whole "shocking divorce! she's going to steal his money and become the richest woman!" is also just media spin.

    What's likely going to happen is that they both get 50% of the communal shares in private settlement -- But for the sake of company stability, she'll sign off share voting rights to him, so he can lead Amazon effectively.
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    @bittersweet why would it be unpopular? It confirms my expectations posted before.
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    OK maybe not here, but in tech articles & on social media I see this "She is gonna steal 60 billion of his money" response everywhere as if she if a gold digger or planned a heist or something -- with zero nuance about how Amazon started with her help, or how they lived and parented four kids together 😩

    I might soon get married, and even I (with significantly less property) know that you either take a prenup, or CHOOSE to function as a "union" financially. If I ever make significant investments, I accept those either to be communal property, or I get them notarized in a postnup.

    I think it's ridiculous to assume that the Bezos family, who've had an army of expensive advisors for years, will suddenly find themselves in an unexpected divorce battle as the media are trying to suggest.

    They're both quite smart anyway, I bet they both know that a public fight would cause Amazon shares to take a nosedive, which would cause wealth for both to evaporate.
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    @bittersweet indeed, anyone who can think a step further than the news will know this. DevRant probably consists of relatively more smart people than twitter or something.
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    @bittersweet you won't find many of those Bezos dick riding fan boys on here
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    @Stuxnet Wait there are actual Bezos fanboys? I mean, I think he's an interesting guy because he influences the tech world pretty heavily... But he is also about as likable or inspiring as the can of salted pickles that has been in the back of my fridge for 4 years.
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    @bittersweet Well for rich and famous people, there'll always be fanboys.

    He's definitely interesting and all, but he's far from someone I'd fanboy lol
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