Anyone here use the Surface Pro 6?
How it it like? (I am planning to buy one)

Specs I want... i5 / 8gb / 256gb

(And is the Type cover worth it?)

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    I have the surface book. My boss has the pro 6 and he loves it.

    Based on your specs and the fact you ain't sure about the cover, you probably aren't planning on using it for coding. Correct?

    Anyways, my Surface Book 1 with i5 is performing great after 3 years from its release. And I mainly used it for programming 🤘
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    @MrCSharp Can you ask him about the port situation? As far as I know, there is one Mini DP, one USB 3.0, one MicroSDXC reader, one 3.5mm headphone jack and surface connect jack.....
    A lack of a usb-c and one more usb 3.0 port makes me hesitate from buying.
    And I am planning to bring to school to code sometimes, or work with affinity designer sometimes, and play tetris (lol).

    Cover... I think I will need it because I am planning to buy this as a lightweight laptop replacement since my current one is 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
    but it is too expensive... $100 fucking dollars? (sigh)
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    @MrCSharp LG Gram laptops looks nice ( I have the 3rd generation model which is shit) but it is still expensive, almost the same price with the surface, and has big screens, which I want to get away from because i want to focus on portability this time. But I really envy those ports in normal laptops (lan, hdmi, usb etc)
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    @CozyPlanes sounds like you know about its ports much more than I do lol. I personally don't see such a massive benefit from having a type C port that'll make me seem out laptops that have them.

    I agree with you on the screen size thing. Having a 13' surface book is great for Portability. It fits easily in my backpack and light enough to carry around anywhere and for extended periods of time.

    People still look at my Surface Book and are always impressed with its design and its gorgeous screen.

    BTW, surface devices have some of the best screens out there now.
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    @MrCSharp @calmyourtities

    Can you give some suggestions, one more please?

    There is a 128GB / 256GB model, and has about $300 difference between the two
    There is a microsd card slot, so is it worth it to buy 128GB surface pro and buy a 128GB SD card?
    One more, I am not sure about the speeds, so is sd cards fast enough as ssd?
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    @CozyPlanes my Surface Book is the 128GB model and I have VS installed with all other dev tools I use and I have about 20GB left. I got a 128GB SD card which I use for music and other files storage so SD card speed is not a big deal here. Anyways I got the samsung Evo plus SD card with BaseQi adapter which fits nicely in the surface book.

    My source code is on C. Be careful the nuget will end up Caching stuff on C drive. I have about 8GB of packages cached there mainly because of dotnet core.
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    @CozyPlanes SD card is not as fast as SSD but if you use it to store documents and music then speed don't matter
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    I had one but 1. It's Windows (🤮) and 2. I wasn't able to use it properly with that way too small touchpad and the saggy keyboard.. Better try one out in a electronics store or rent one depending where you're from
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    @Snob There is no Microsoft offline store in Korea.

    Even Microsoft korea office is only in 4 floors in some building. Lol
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    @CozyPlanes Okay here in Germany we have stores like Mediamarkt and Saturn which are general purpose electronics stores who sell products from many many different brands. Is there nothing similar in Korea?
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    @Snob hmmm i never saw microsoft made products in display to use it....

    I should check the local store once more, thanks for the reminder!
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