So I was planning on a single page website for my relatives hotel websitte and offered to make it for free ( as an offer for other huge project i was doing for same person )

But just got told that one of my uncle told to tell me that website design should like the website design of another hotel xyz.

For second, I thought that other would be very nice. So I checked it out.

Guess what! That other site looks like it hasn't updated since 2005! No HTTPS. No responsive design. Looks like fugly crap from 2005 to me. Has a huge Click to enable Adobe Flash banner on homepage.

I lost my hope in humanity and I quoted a price for making that. I guess I just gotta do a shit job and will get paid for it now 😂

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    Once had a client with exact same case, his reason was he used the website for his presentations rather than powerpoint and hes used to lecturing about the company in the old design
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    You could suggest a better design, perhaps they are totally unaware those exist !
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    @Nanos yea, i don't have heart to build something shitty like that site. It uses tables for layout! I'm gonna do better.
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