Back in the days when I knew only Windows, I used to be a Microsoft fan. I wanted to use only Microsoft products. I had a Hotmail email account that Microsoft acquired. I used a version of Windows and Microsoft Office (even though I didn't know at the time that it was pirated). I wanted to be a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) and promote Microsoft everywhere.

Fast forward to now (or maybe to the time after I got introduced to GNU/Linux), I started hating Microsoft solely for the reason that they had a price-tag on everything. Later on, when I got to open-source software, I hated Microsoft for making all of their software closed-source. When I decided to move out of the Microsoft environment, my next favorite was of course, Big Brother (Google, if you haven't gotten it) - Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive. My personal information was the price to pay for the services even though I wasn't OK with that fact.

Then again, I realized that you could actually have your own stuff if you had the know-how. Compile / host your own software on your own systems. Oh, then I went on a compile spree. That's when I realized I didn't need any of these corporations to own my data. Today, I try my best to keep my data in my control and not some corporations who gives me free stuff for the price of my data and personal information, no thanks.

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    For Microsoft I feel the same way, about the Google, well if you're fine with all the inconvenience which comes with having everything self hosted, then good for you 👍
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    because you like to write open source software for free right?

    and LOL you moved from MS to google for stuff like gmail and gdrive, when you had already it with MS for free ... except less spy from google
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    Yeah I had that phase too. Then after 9 years of Linux, I moved back to Windows because Linux sucks. Now that MS has made Windows suck even more, I'll probably change back to Linux for my next PC. Everything sucks.
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    @myss that is the cost of your privacy, my friend.

    And besides, other than your personal website, I don't see any service that you need to maintain on high availability. I'd be happy if my servers run with 75% uptime. Right now, because I ain't stressing them out too much, I've always got 100% (I hope that crackers here just don't find it and DoS it for me; now that I've said it out here publicly).
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