I want/need to learn a new language for web backend development.
I have seen Go but everyone is saying it's bad and I shouldn't learn it. What do you think? Should I learn Go or Python? Or maybe some other language?

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    Most people stating that Go is wrong cite language features as their prime example.

    There is nothing wrong with Go per se. Its a simple and boring language thst is easy to use and implement. For what it does, it does good and it shouldn't give you any problems.

    Learn Python as well though, the language is great and really productive as well.
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    People are hating everything for no reason. Just pick a language you like (within a reasonable degree of "right tool for the right job")
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    i like go and Python.
    Go has static binaries which can contain everything (gitea) and Python has dynamic typing and the nicer import design.
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    I’ll say Python because it has really widespread use, so learning it will give you an edge in many areas
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    @Krokoklemme Exactly man

    You'll never find something that everyone likes. Just use whatever the flying fuck you want, as long as it gets your job done.
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    Probably the only redeeming features of Go in my opinion is it's concurrency primitives, static binary targets, and garbage collection. Unfortunately you don't have a choice in the matter of using it's garbage collection, so I wouldn't call it a feature. I'd say the single worst thing about it is that is has no support for generics types.
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    @AleCx04 What about C#?
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    @beegC0de "will go 2 have generics?"
    "where be my generics, you Google cunts!"
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    @Mega not a bad language at all, it has a really powerful environment and can be used for everything MS as well as game development. The .NET stack(which is what is mostly used for) is a very powerful stack. I have used it for ASP.NET MVC as well as .NET Core microservices development and I really like it.

    You really need to be comfortable with OOP though, so make sure you get your design patterns in ordee before attempting anything :)
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    @AleCx04 Which guide do you recommend me?
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    @Mega for the language itself or for the design patterns??
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    @AleCx04 Design patterns
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