Man, i love drivin around @ nite, whole lotta gang shit happen and its so fun to jus sit in a car and watch people gettin popped

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    My area used to be nice. Now there are police helicopters and gunshots getting increasingly common.

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    Where do y’all live for crime to be so crazy?!
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    The most horrible thing that had happened on my street is a hedgehog being squashed 2 years ago.
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    @Brolls The "first world country" with the highest number of firearms per capita.

    @Santaclauze I'm so very sorry to hear about that? Has Sonic been able to use one of his life?
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    At the driving school my teacher told us a story when they were driving around the district, just practicing and they suddenly saw a man struggling on the street with his throat cut...
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    @Jilano aaaaah. ‘Murica. Where the guns are there if the government ever needs overthrowing again (as if anyone would stand a chance against the army these days 😂) and the citizens pay the price.

    I know there’d be a lot more dead people here in the UK if I had access to guns, so I can only imagine what it must be like there.

    What I don’t understand though, is how y’all are still so rude to each other 🤔
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    @Brolls Just gonna point out that "doesn't stand a chance" was definitely used during the first go around, yet a buncha farmers and a few Frenchies beat the world's largest and strongest army.

    Never underestimate a passionate and pissed off redneck lmao
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    @Stuxnet yeah, but that was in an age without predator drones and armoured tanks, so...
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    @Brolls You ever been to the deep South and seen some of the shit they can come up with?

    It's genuinely not as one sided as you're making it out to be lol
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