saying git is shit (cite at the end) and nobody professional uses it.
"GIT ist scheisse, es ist schwer zu installieren und man muss die Kommandozeile benutzen. Das benutzt doch niemand."

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    Richte der Person von mir aus, dass er/sie/es ein Schwachkopf ist!
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    Reminds me of Rammstein
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    A better translation (Im not german so I might have translated something incorrect, but it gets the message across):
    git is shit, because its difficult to install and you need to use the commandline. Nobody can use it.

    First of all: installing it is really easy
    Secondly: even though using the commandline is way easier there are gui tools, but I can understand that using a commandline for the first time can be a bit scary.

    Both his/her reasons are based on things that are invalid. This is no reason for getting a dev enemy, it should be a reason to explain it to him/her.
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    @Codex404 Correct translation (yours wasn't far off):

    Git sucks, it's difficult to install and you have to use it via CLI. **No one uses that.**
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    @filthyranter I knew that last part was wrong, I just had trouble with translating it to english since I had the correct Dutch words :)
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    My inner language nerd approved this thread.
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    My apprentice saw me "fix" some chaos with some submodules and a few commits in need of squashing last Friday. All on the console in about 2 minutes while constantly explaining what I was doing.
    Now he is trying to convince me to give git courses for him and the student trainees. 😊
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    I am still not finding a GUI that’s useful and as fast as cli.

    Only thing a GUI is good for is conflicts, but we have editors with decent plugins for that 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 I use meld or beyond compare to do those. so no git gui for me. But I am currently starting a command line gui with ncurses for it. Main objective is getting the command line flow, but with faster shortcuts and more visual feedback
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    Und sie wollen Informatiler sein? Hahahaha
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    Git bash is the best thing for windows ever.
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    Sag dem dass er aufhören soll zu sagen er sei Informatiker.
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    it was at my previous company. several months ago.
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    oh, btw. everyone except two didnt thought that he was a dougebag.
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    @stop *didn't think

    Klassischer Fehler, passiert vielen deutschsprachigen ^^
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    "Das benutzt doch niemand"
    -> literally every serious dev does

    Sounds like a guy who'd also say that surgeons don't use scalpels because they are too difficult to maintain, what a huan
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    To me, Git is like Dojo Toolkit. Great tool if you learn to use it properly, but even when you do learn, it's not that great anyway,

    EDIT: And for both those tools, people who don't know how to use them, hate 'em and think they suck.
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    es war ein windows pc
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    @malphas Na das ist ja so kompliziert über das CLI :P
    Und dann muss man das auch noch unbedingt darüber verwenden! Es gibt dafür KEINERLEI GUIs und IDE-Integration.
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    Wie viele Deutschsprachige sind bei devrant oO
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    @Phonon der dach raum ist einer der größten. immerhin lohnen sich synchros bei Filmen.
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    Schönen guten Tag!
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    Ach Leute... Djörmänns onn se martsch!

    At least we can write English better than we speak it... 😉

    Besides amusing themselves the people always over our grammar. I must but admit, that we although weird sentence constructions have.
    For that can no non-German this text read. 😂
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    @Phonon anscheinend mehr als alle dachten :)
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    Wahre Meister haben ihr eigenes VCS: explorer.exe
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    All tools are shit and too hard to use!

    Until I learn to use them.

    Then all other tools are shit!
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    "SVN works fine, why should we change it?"
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    @WalnussPower I know that one only too well...
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