Should I get a Surface Laptop 2 or Surface Pro 6 for development?

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    For development? None of them. There are tons of notebooks that are better suited for development
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    A used thinkpad t440p
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    Not sure about the hardware but I've got a surface 3 pro running Kubuntu, do you want to use windows on it or doesn't it matter?
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    @linuxxx Windows 10, maybe dual boot
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    It really depends on the configuration you want and if you want to use on your lap.
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    A Dell XPS13. It's a fucking workhorse! (but without the fucking, I'm not a barbarian)
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    @FilipeRamalho Is the Surface Pro not very comfortable typing on your lap?
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    @ModernShoe A bit, but the Surface Laptop has a much better lapability.

    But on the other hand the Surface Pro 6 has a more versatile Design and the touch screen is more useable

    Do you want a tablet and a laptop
    -> Surface Pro
    You don‘t care for the tablet features
    -> Surface Laptop
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    surface has 1/10 repair ability. And has thermal issues... is touch screen part of development?
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    I second the Dell XPS. It’s lightweight with a really impressive build quality and battery life.
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    Which ever you buy, remember this -

    You need enough pizza and Diet Coke to stick in your refrigerator, a cheap PC to work on, and the dedication to go through with it.
    ~ John Carmack
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