HTTPS requests in most languages:

Import a couple of libraries, you may need to install a few as well. It's possible that you will need to initialize and set up the socket. Be sure to specify SSL settings. Create the connection, provide it a URL, and attempt the connection. Read the response, usually in chunks. You may need to manually create a buffer of fixed size, depending on if the language has buffer helper classes or not. You will probably need to convert the input stream response to a string to do anything with it. Close the connection and clean up any buffers used.

HTTPS requests in Python:

import urllib

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    Ever heard of go? 😏
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    Https requests in ocaml: here, this functor is literally a fucking https request

    Also dont compare python to like c and java
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    In Rust this is just a macro
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    @Vake93 This rant is pretty heavily influenced by the difference between c and the windows API, and python with the standard library.
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    how about python requests?
    import requests
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    file_get_contents(“insert URL”);

    PHP the right way:
    Use cURL
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