Really useful jquery cheat sheet. https://makeawebsitehub.com/jquery-...

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    Pro tip: devRant applies <h u g e> compression on images
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    Next time just link the picture lmao
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    🤓 it doesn’t help I’m blind, but damn that compression hurts sometimes.

    Also... why are people trying to bring Jquery back? Mind you I still use it.
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    @dontPanic yeah I noticed it uploaded horribly so I included the source link at the top lol
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    @Stuxnet noted - though the compression isn't MY fault ;)
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    Fuck jQuery (in a nice way)
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    This picture truly shows how useful jQuery is 👌
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    When your cheat sheet is basically a book
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    Note to devrant devs: limit image resolution or reduce compression level, this jpeg is barely a megabyte and compressing it so much just makes no sense
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