Why? 😑😑

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    Yeah, it's not that great...
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    Read it the other day, makes sense to me.
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    They have designers on payroll, maybe some creative director (or whatever) and they had to make sure they don't look useless and shouldn't actually been contracted as a one time job. It isn't as if it never happened before with many other software programs.
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    Looks like a funky windows logo now
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    Someone defraged their logo! 😮
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    “A little simpler, a little clearer, and (we think) a little better.”

    And more generic too.

    Slack. Now with 25% more generic!
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    Logo hard to remember/memorize
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    I guess the new design direction...of the logo is... SLACKED off

    Not a fan, prefer the old one
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    Its neither simpler nor clearer... Wtf?
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    I discovered today that Slack has a terminal version too. Just saying, for ppl who don't want to be confronted with their controversial design decisions :D
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    @dyte Or also for us terminalheads. 😁
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    I don't really use slack but the old one was so better than the new defragged one
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    Why is it windows?
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