Had to setup 7 HP laptops today for a small hackathon.
Install windows 10...
just shout in the room and hope all cortanas hear the same answer.
done after a couple minutes.
Windows 10 rules.


This story could be over but no, have a plot twist.
All pcs connected to our wifi network as we tried to install Chrome ( cause edge sucks), realized it takes hours to install.
someone drawing internet over here?!
our network wasn't that bad usually.
opens windows store on one laptop by accident.
42 downloads running.
Yep on all of them.
what were they downloading?
candy crush... bubble witch saga...mcaffee.
spent about 4h uninstalling bloatware and teaching windows not to reinstall it over and over again...

Microsoft sucks...

and I didn't even mention the "tell us why you think you don't need McAfee premium protection pl0x" and "you really sure you don't want to try edge as default browser? is really fast and stuff" dialog fields...

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    Iff you install windows, do yourself a favor and download the 'Windows ... N' version, it comes without most bloat (fewer games, no skype preinstalled, ...)
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    Wow, you r doing lots of hardwork. I would just create a base windows VM (hyperv/ VirtualBox) with all software n data, clone it 7 times, run in a single desktop/server and just connect to them over RDP client from 7 laptops.
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    @ajit555 or even one custom image would be way less work
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    Way to work harder.

    Have you never mass-imaged? (Though 7 devices is hardly "mass"...)
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    Couldn't you just have written a powershell script that installed chrome on all the pcs and stop the windows store process at the same time?
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    I wonder what are people doing or what edition of Windows 10 are they using, because this NEVER happened to me.
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    Windows should be banned.
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    @succcubbus no please no
    Don't do that
    Not on your PC
    I listened to people like you, got this shitty version on Windows on which some software straight up cannot work (installing the media pack didn't work for me) and I had to reinstall everything because you cannot upgrade from N to normal versions
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    @MagicSowap You mean cause windows packages, among other things, its mtp driver to connect to phones with fucking Windows Media Player?
    That's the only thing I noticed and installing their package for that worked fine for me.
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    @succcubbus yep, I had issues when window update did it's thing and the media package stopped working (I tried everything to get it working again)...
    The fact that you cannot switch from the N to a standard version without wiping your C drive is why I would not recommend this
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