Company bonus was announced. Not “car buying money”, but I’ll take it.

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    Buy the car. It is the American way.
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    All the senior DBAs were told that they will qualify for the management bonus if the company makes it's previous year's targets. Keeping fingers crossed. Tight labor markets bring new benefits. 😁
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    Them niggas can go suck a blicky, i wanna buy cars dammit
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    "here is your 5 dollar bonus, now you can by a toy car for your son"
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    I'm still waiting on my bonus from five fucking months ago. And my goddamn W2.

    I'm thinking lawyer soon.
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    @Root no W2 in your hand by Feb 1 should be reported to the IRS.
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    @bkwilliams I'd give it a week or so after because of mail delays. But yes.
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