Ok, so we have the Spotify Agile Model now (tribes, squads, chapters, etc). I have seen it implemented in a few large companies, and they seem to be doing ok.

It's just... doesn't anyone worry about the product that came out of this great way of working?

Spotify is great as a service, but it has to have one of the worst usability/success ratios of any modern mobile / web app. You can almost feel the various squads doing their own thing, not thinking about the whole experience.

Doesn't the product count when considering using someone's way of working? Is the Spotify Agile Model the project management equivalent of Twitter's Bootstrap?

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    That's the problem with agile... lots of different business units doing their own thing, and no unifying architecture.
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    I feel there is no really new value added to their product since the Logo change. Sure some features are removed and the interface gets a polish from time to time.
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    I wonder if doing cross-team code reviews would alleviate some of the pains of decentralized development?
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    What's so bad with Spotify's apps? I had no problems whatsoever with using them, and I consider myself a UX nazi who is bitching about every nonsense in UI and UX all the time.
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    @hitzoR one of the devRant rules:
    If the app/service is popular everything about it is shit.
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