I bought a Macbook about 6 month ago and I became in love with development in it... I've got a fucking MSI dream PC sitting here with two monitors acting as a glorified paperweight...

Its so weird because I know I could just put some Linux distro and use it more often but its almost like so many years of Windows make you doubt that you can ever fully leave the ecosystem... Its like some sort of sick Stockholm syndrome.

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    What's with people bragging about downgrading on here lately? It's weird.

    *I don't care. Use what the fuck you want to do your job. It's just a joke lol*
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    On the other hand, at heart I am a C# developer and I do have some shit going with SQL Server so I am kind of bound to keep Windows around... Maybe its the whole idea of working windows on a VM that I'm afraid of... and lets be honest, infrastructure for software development in the .NET world is in dipers on anything other than Windows.
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    @Stuxnet I probably didnt made myself clear on my rant. I'm just wandering around the idea of having a computer that seems so useless most of the time... Its also funny (to me) because years ago I learn programming on a 256 mb of ram computer that I bought for 10 pounds after the police raided my house and took my computers... I dont know... maybe its just because its sunday... =)
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    @cobolplz I constantly defend windows on here just because there's so many "head up their ass" linux fanboys on here.

    Just tryna keep some balance, ya know.

    But recently started learning Linux and playing with Kali's tools, and this shit is cool & pretty efficient lol

    Edit: no your rant was clear lol. I'm just being a half troll lately making jokes about apple products being downgrades
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    oh yeah... tell me about it... I also found that OS fundamentalism so not appealing. I love windows, dot get me wrong, if you check my comment history you'll notice I always halfway vouch for it.... but I do recognize that there are problems within the Windows ecosystem and I have experienced problems when coding with Visual Studio for example but its not all rot, as a matter of fact its getting a whole lot better ever since (by win 3.11 was the first time I used windows)... I have also used Linux distros, many times... and now on Mac and I believe the fact that I can pinpoint the aspects I enjoy of each OS is a sign of maturity, I have grown with them and learn how to appreciate each one... I can only wish for more people to be like that instead of waving flags for products they love and shit talking about things they don't know....
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