You know a website launch is going to go smoothly when:
1) it survives multiple reviews,
2) it's packaged up and sent to the client,
3) client tells you there's incorrect info,
4) incorrect info matches current site, and
5) client doesn't provide the correct info.


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    "listen you cock sucking douchebag. This 'incorrect info' is the same as your current shitty ass site. And you've failed to send us the 'correct' information. So cut the shit and cooperate dickhead."

    Should get a message across and free you from working with this idiot when you get fired lol
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    Or... if they report an issue that means that they’re actually using the system and your code wasn’t a waste of time 🙃 (happened to me too many times in my first job 😓)
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    @ElizadeathRaven point taken, though they did have us cut out a large chunk of work that we had already done at the last minute too.
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