So in Udemy, I am learning about OOP in Java, and the next lecture is a big challenge in making a program with all the knowledge I have learned. I understand each concept, its just its a lot to memorize, however, I get the jist of it (You've ever had that feeling?). Anyways, I started writing notes on what each concept basically was and I began with composition. Now honestly I love composition and I just learned it a while ago. It is actually the most confusing thing I have learned in Java so far, as a few months ago when I was practicing Java I didn't understand it at ALL and I stopped coding for like half a year after (I'm back bebe don't worry). So I make my notes on composition and I realize, dang, I understand this a lot more than I thought. I thought this because what I did was make a file in Eclipse (not a class, a file) and I just started writing code without auto-complete like I was a mad lad. I made classes, fields, and I FEEL like I made my point about composition with the notes I also jotted down. Anyways, this was a part story and part what do you guys think of my notes on Composition. I think they are good and actually kinda detailed. Anyways thanks for reading this!


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