Where can I learn using MS SQL in Android development? Please help.

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    you......want to connect an android app to a MSSQL database?

    not to be blunt - but thats doing it wrong. use an API.
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    If you must connect directly from an Android app, just use JTDS. Android is Java, after all. (Native, that is.)

    I'm guessing this would work. Haven't tried it myself.
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    MS and Java, bad combination, there are several other better methods for storing data on android
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    In Android development you could use SQLite as a best solution for implementing local data storages. But also you are free to create your own server side application that will use MS SQL, that will provider api to your android client
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    You can check Udacity out. They have a course on not exactly what you want but SQLite for local data storage on Android. I'm actually taking now.. Pretty nice stuff.
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