I just need to vent about how frustrating and terrible Windows is.

It almost seems like consistentsy and attention to detail are completely foreign concepts to Microsoft. Everything from simple text selection (WHY DOES A DOUBLE CLICK INCLUDE THE TRAILING SPACE) to using advanced software feels like a chore.

Any sympathizers here? What problems do you need to vent about when trying to navigate your OS?

FWI I'm not a Mac or Linux user, so I have the joy of using Windows at home. I wish I could switch, but I prefer full access to my Steam library so I'm stuck with this option.

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    There's another option: Dual boot.

    Windows for steam stuff.
    "Another OS" for everything else.

    With a decent SSD it takes no time to switch from one to another.
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    @mrChick Yeah, I've spent some time messing with partitions to get it so that I could Dual Boot. That is yet another area full of headache and over complications that would only help me a little.

    Also, I don't know what I'd install. Linux is fun to mess around with, but I game so often I would probably just end up never using it.

    I patiently (I can be patient and complain, right?) wait for the day there's a viable alternative to Windows/Linux/macOS...
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    Text selection on Microsoft Word is so broken. Much worse than the issue you mentioned.
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    *tries to select three characters, selects the whole word instead*
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    @knurek123 on a desktop it's easier to have two SSDs and install the OSes with the other drive not plugged in.
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    @jAsE I doubt that. I was actually *just* complaining to some friends about Notepad. It SOMEHOW keyed a DEL character (127) when I was deleting some notes (Ctrl + A, then Backspace).

    I'm honestly on the edge of considering Windows a form of psychological torture. It's unbelievably bad in every single way.
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    @jAsE The best part is that doing the Alt sequence for 127 displays a different looking character. The one I keyed on purpose looked like a house box, whereas the unintended one was a rectangular box.

    W H A T
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